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LED Surface Mount Downlight ( Set Of 1)

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LED Surface Mount Downlight

In the realm of modern lighting solutions, LED Surface Mount Downlight have emerged as a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. These sleek and versatile fixtures not only provide efficient illumination but also contribute to energy savings. In this guide, we will delve into the benefits, features, and installation considerations of LED Surface Mount Downlight, shedding light on why they are an excellent choice for upgrading your lighting setup.

Benefits of LED Surface Mount Downlight:

  1. Energy Efficiency: LED technology is renowned for its energy efficiency. LED Surface Mount Downlight consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options, translating to reduced electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.
  2. Longevity: LED lights have a longer lifespan than conventional bulbs. With an average life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, LED Surface Mount Downlight ensure longevity and durability, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Versatility in Design: These downlights come in various shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of design options to suit different preferences and interior styles. Whether you prefer a discreet and minimalist look or a bold and decorative fixture, there’s a surface mount downlight to match your taste.
  4. Directional Lighting: One of the key advantages of surface mount downlights is their ability to provide focused and directional lighting. This makes them ideal for highlighting specific areas or creating a visually appealing ambiance in a room.
  5. Dimming Capabilities: Many LED surface mount downlights are compatible with dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to your mood or the specific needs of the space. This feature not only enhances flexibility but also contributes to additional energy savings.

Features to Look for in LED Surface Mount Downlights:

  1. Color Temperature Options: LED downlights offer a range of color temperatures, from warm white to cool white. Choosing the right color temperature can impact the ambiance of a space, making it important to consider the intended use of the room.
  2. Installation Ease: Surface mount downlights are known for their straightforward installation process. They can be easily mounted on the ceiling surface, making them a practical choice for both new constructions and renovations.
  3. High Color Rendering Index (CRI): A high CRI ensures that the downlight accurately represents colors, creating a more visually appealing and vibrant environment. Look for LED surface Light mount downlights with a CRI of 80 or above for optimal color rendering.
  4. Integrated Heat Dissipation: Efficient heat dissipation is crucial for maintaining the longevity of LED lights. Choose fixtures with integrated heat sinks or other cooling mechanisms to ensure consistent performance over time.

Conclusion: Upgrading your lighting with LED surface light mount downlights not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also contributes to energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. With their versatile design options, directional lighting capabilities, and advanced features, these fixtures offer a modern and sustainable lighting solution for any environment. Consider incorporating LED surface light mount downlights into your lighting scheme to create a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your home or business.


  • Driverless design.
  • AC direct driven LED Lights.
  • Powerful LED light source with a unique design.
  • Shatter Proof Perspex Lens.
  • High Thermal Conductivity, Low Luminous Decay, Pure Coolers & No Heavy Shade.
  • 2 year warranty
  • The unique design of radiator combines with the Lamp Box perfectly.
  • Non – Flickering.
  • No UV Radiation.
  • CRI : >80
  • best discount at led surface light mount downlight
  • Power Factor : >0.90
  • Surge Voltage Protection : 2.5 KV
  • THD : <15%
  • IP Rating : IP20
  • Lifetime : 25,000 Hrs.

An indoor surface mount downlight placed on top of a flat surface like the flat part of a ceiling and protrudes away from the surface. This type of lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and is ideal for setting where there is little space between the structural ceiling and the drop down ceiling, or when the ceiling is exposed. The led surface mount downlight has fitted side and its thickness is about 2 cm. The middle part is concave, which can be screwed on the edge of the shelf to hold the stick in the ceiling.


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